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Fax Cover Sheet Template

Fax cover sheet is important part of fax sending because it ensures the delivery of faxes to the right person and let the receiver knows about sender. Fax cover sheet provides an opportunity to sender to provide additional information about contents of fax in precise way. Fax cover sheet is important to use because without it your fax will end up in recycling bin. It is very simple to write fax cover sheet and after designing it once you can re-use it over and over. It is necessary to design the fax cover sheet perfectly by adding accurate details about recipient. Accurately designed fax cover sheet will ensure delivery of fax to the right person on right time. You can include complete information of your recipient to send your fax in timely manner to get timely response. You can design your own fax cover sheet template by choosing your own official design and adding your company logo on it.

Important Contents for Fax Cover Sheet

Fax Cover Sheet TemplateFax sheet is an important document to ensure safe delivery of official fax and the important contents that should be included on the fax cover sheet are as under:

Addresses of Recipient and Sender

Fax cover sheet should have addresses of both recipient and sender to deliver your document to right person. It will help the receiver to set the faxes according to their importance by reading address of particular sender.

Time and Date of Sending

Your fax coversheet should contain date and time lines to fill out at the time of sending. This will help the recipient to verify deadlines of documentation and perform requested activities on right time.

Contact Information

Fax number of recipient and sender should always write on the fax cover sheet for the convenience of recipient in case he/she wants to re-fax you the some other documents. Do not forget to write your phone numbers in case the recipient requires calling you for any missing information.

Subject Line and Comments Place

Add a subject line on the fax cover sheet such as “Re” to allocate a specific place for brief explanation of fax contents such as “Annual Reports” or “Requested Financial Details”. You can also add comment or message section right below the subject line to let the sender write brief additional details about recipient.

Check Boxes

You can also include check boxes on your fax cover sheet such as “Urgent, For Review Purpose, Please Respond” vice versa. These kinds of messages will help the recipient to understand the urgency of incoming fax and enable the sender to get response on right time.

Size of the Fax Cover Sheet

Your fax cover sheet should be of standard size such as 8.5 by 11 inch. This requires extra paper expense therefore some business owners use a sticky note to paste on the corner in order to save their expense. This seems unprofessional so avoid this attitude.

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